A Case Against Buying Trademarked Domains

Published on July 09, 2019

This email although not all that threatening was unsettling, the company offered no compensation and was quite clear there would be trouble if I was not willing to give up the domain.

I released the domain on June 1, as promised and I believe Autodesk was unable to regain control of the domain as someone else seems to have registered it before them. During this correspondence, I reached out to a trademark attorney and he informed me that a court of law would not be kind to me if it made it there. I have a few more domains of this nature and have not yet been contacted by the respective companies. I will use this experience as a way to learn from in the future.

In summary, my main mistakes were putting it up for sale, letting the company contact me without contacting them first, and giving the release date instead of making another request for compensation.